Sandon Public School

A highly innovative and inclusive school.

Telephone02 6772 3349


At Sandon Public School students wear their uniform with pride.


  • Summer - Sandon check pinafore or skort, gold polo shirt, bottle bottle-green or white socks, black shoes.
  • Winter - Either Sandon check pinafore or bottle-green slacks, gold long sleeved polo shirt or skivvy, bottle-green jumper / sloppy joe, bottle-green socks/ribbed stockings or leggings, black shoes.


  • Summer – Bottle-green shorts, gold polo shirt, green or white socks, black shoes.
  • Winter – Bottle-green trousers, gold long-sleeved polo shirt or skivvy, bottle green socks, bottle green jumper or sloppy joe, black shoes.

General Uniform 

  • The wearing of the full-brimmed school hat will be encouraged at all times and in all seasons in the playground
  • The uniform shop is operated by the Sandon Public School P and C to provide second-hand clothing for Sandon families. All profits are retained in the school.
New school hats are available for purchase at all times from the front office.

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